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Nottingham's St Patrick's Festival Under Threat

Please Donate Now!

The current situation for the 2017 Festival & Parade is not good. Funds are urgently required. May we ask you to donate a £1 or what ever you can afford on the Festival Golden Giving page. Thank you.

Click on the play button below to hear interviews with our own Paul Curtis and others by CBJ News. (If the embedded audio player is not working, download an mp3.)

Events Calendar

February 2019

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Call for Support

LIFE’S TOO SHORT NOT TO BE IRISH (Well for one day at least!) Nottingham’s St Patricks day parade is coming your way!! Monday March 17th 11:30am-1:00pm departing from the Forest (Mansfield Rd) to the Market Square. We would like you to join us in our community celebration. For a few hours we would like your help in making Nottingham as Irish as can be. Wave a flag! Decorate your home / business! Come out and cheer on the parade! Thank you! Your support is appreciated!! If you can assist us then please make contact.


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